Wherever u r in the universe. SPC is ok.

SuperPay Labs is a professional blockchain and mobile payment technology team with many years of experience in blockchain, exchange and mobile payment development. It has launched a new open architecture Super BlockChain Payment System (abbreviation: SBPS) for everyone in the world. Even people in the whole universe can jointly develop a blockchain to pay for the economic system. Anyone can use SBPS to issue digital currency, the common specifications and agreements of the universe, consumers can pass unimpeded. The plan will be from the United States, Taiwan. Hong Kong, China, Europe and other places have begun to expand their mobile payment transactions and promote economic development. They can drive new business opportunities and create new business models. Its influence covers business, medical, financial, tourism, public utilities, etc., and plays an important role in promoting the improvement of service industry quality and competitiveness.

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Market Overview

Blockchain market has been a continuous growing market in the past few years. According to a research provided by Transparency Market Research, the market capitalization of proximity mobile payments was about $58 billion in 2017 globally and it is estimated to reach $411 billion by 2022. The average annual growth rate was up to 48% among the last 5 years. North America is the major contributor of the global proximity mobile payments market. It was estimated about $13 billion in 2017 and have set a target of $98 billion by 2022; the average annual growth rate is up to 49.8% among the past 5 years.
Europe also aims to become an important development area for proximity mobile payments technology. It is estimated by 2022, that the market value will exceed $73 billion. Since 2017 to 2022, the average annual compound growth rate was 46.9%. (note1 Reference:Proximity Mobile Payment Market - Global Industry Analysis,Size,Share,Growth,Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2022。PR Newswire,2017/10/16。)

According to a new report from Grand View Research, Inc., the global blockchain technology market is expected to reach $7.59 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 37.2% during the forecast period.
Financial services, consumer or industrial products, technology, media and telecommunications, healthcare, transportation and the public sector are growing in demand for this technology, which is the main reason for market growth.
(References : Blockchain Technology Market Size Worth $7.59 Billion By 2024 .)

SuperPay Coin (SPC) from SuperPay Labs will be used to support this project. Buyers can use SPC to purchase products and services from all partners, such as: blockchain mobile phones, VR content, shopping sites, AI Robotics, smart investment, concerts, dining, travel, real estate, star travel...

1. Tipping feature enabled users send micropayment and reward for digital content providers. Receiving money is so easy! Only one small place for the barcode or picture is enough. On the screen of TV, website, magazine, billboard, smart phone, tablet, and so on. Turning the advertising over to be a shopping channel, real-time client feedback channel, appealing more consumers and maximizing the value of the advertising.
2. SPC is the single window for you to different websites or stores. The buyer will no longer have to enter their account password and credit card number, but directy scan the QR and immediately be able to checkout.
3. Vendors can issue their own currency to the customers by APPs or papers. Customers get more thanks to buying it. Vendors operate better since receiving these pre-payment.
4. Even if the seller or the buyer lacks electronic equipment or internet, SPC is still working.
5. The fastest speed ever! By SuperPay technology, the specific transaction is completed within 0.1 second.
6. Open api and sdk to the other hardware and software systems, so that all the systems can be compatible.
7. SPC provides online teaching community for developers to learn and share. Users/Vendors can find developers for help in this place. Ensure every user feels comfortable to use this platform.
8. Combined with an open chain, private chain, block chain, data is being unchangeable and transaction can be faster and more secure.
9. Dynamic token / 256 bit, AES / SHA-512 hash encryption / network transmission 256 bits encryption and other encryption methods and still more than one group continued to change encryption and decryption rules.
10. Consumers can pay or receive money in SPC, the real e-wallet.
11. The other payment ways such as credit cards and e-payment account can be added into SPC, with no actual need to download their app. Saving time and storage.
12. Users do not need to purchase any other hardware IC and enjoy the benefit of SPC.


SPC aims to build advanced SBPS systems which will enable new developers in helping vendors (especially those who lack system developing abilities), to set up and maintain their own applications. It will create more job opportunities and promote economic growth in a whole new level. Our services include:

1. Combined physical and digital payments mechanism.
Vendors/Companies can issue their own digital currency, and O2O mechanism. At the same time, physical credit cards system can be combined with our payments platform. Thus, they will be able to receive money from fiat currencies and digital ones.
2. Digital wallet
SuperPay’s e-wallet, enables you to save every kind of currency (such as USD,EUR,etc, /BTC/ETH) in our mobile platform. SPC’s open source platform will open up the basic source code for SPC members to download and co-develop.
3. Transparent platform
Open api, sdk and defined common standards, all SPC based systems can be syncronized with each other and other payments system as well.
4. Various transaction ways
Users have their own methods in which they like to pay: cash, digital currency, bonus, credit card, etc.
5. Comfortable platform
SPC provides an online teaching community for developers to learn and share. Users and Vendors can seek developers out for any assistance on this platform, while making the user’s and customer’s experience our top priority.


Someone can benefit financially from a variety of methods provided by SPC, such as:
1. Referral fees of software and hardware partnerships.
2. Referral fee of payment gateway transactions.
3. Profiting from the advanced cooperative vendors system.
4. Grants, donations and advertising fees.

80% of our profit will return to our SPC holders, while 10% profit will return to the SPC operations team. 10% of the profits will be donated to non-profit organizations and christian churches.

Case 1 : The enterprise can issue its own digital tokens, while there is no need to pay construction fees in advance. The buyers of the tokens will enjoy a 6% annual interest rate in their token account. The assisting team in issuing the digital tokens can earn 1%~4% from every transaction.
Case 2 : The retail use of SPC system to build up it’s e-Wallet. A user who will buy a token, gets a 10% reward. SPC will earn a payment gateway transaction fee of 0.1%.

Team Members

Jerry C

Jerry C is a visionary who has conceptualized many of our investment areas. He continues to think and improve SPC. Adhering to the strong beliefs of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Jerry develops SPC development strategy, business model and commercialization direction.
Michael Tsai

Responsible for app development, new technology research, third-party services and API design. Master designer and technician of e-payment and e-commerce. The owner of several technology patents.
Spyros Kekos

Entrepreneur and Business leader, disrupting the status quo by offering large industries the chance to integrate cryptocurrencies through B2B blockchain solutions, making them the new normal.Experienced negotiator and operations strategist.

Helping enterprise to develop digital strategies to transform and future-proof the business through the lens of "Buy versus Build".
Wang Yu-Jen

Patent Engineer, expert of administration and technology. The leaser of SPC’s patents uses.

Expert marketing specialist of image and AI products. Especially for the product planning for the United States.
Mars Liao

Assist SPC's business development and strategic investment, set up Taiwan and Asia Pacific team. Use various programming language advantages to make the best solution to the implementation plan.

Solutions architect
Tasos has worked in several traditional market sectors in which has effectively operated with proven track record. Currently aims in turning Blockchain terrain into the new normal.
Kevin LU

American ACU doctor of business administration, international finance analyst, chartered financial planner, with 30 years of investment experience in the market, currently the chairman of international asset management corporation.
Yeats Luo

Community Webmaster
Senior patent analyst, senior network security engineer, social media administrative consultant.
Josef Rokos

Graphic Designer
Experienced Graphic, 3D Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry.

Senior Developer
Senior technician of 2 e-payment enterprises, especially of Android and AI. Will setup a AI Robot Dep.
She is an experienced social media marketer and manager with 2 years experience in it.
SML Liao
Expert marketing specialist of ART, rich experience of retails.
Sam Wu

Senior Developer
Sam Wu can develop apps and full-Stack. He has many years of experience in program development and is a master of technology.
Richard Chen

Blockchain Developer
Master of Blockchain technology, especially of crypto currency development.
Pretti Chen
Experienced secretary for the marketing and administrative affairs.

Senior Developer
Master of technology, especially of iOS. He can solve any technical problems.
Join us?
Welcome to join with us. Please apply HERE.


The founding team members have applied for patents and invested in graphical, acoustic, bluetooth and AI mobile payment solutions since 2012. They have also assisted in several payment operators to set up systems. A community will be established at the PreICO stage for SPC members. A community will be constructed for SPC members. A community which in an anonymous way, members discuss and take decisions together. We are eager to have new member join the SPC communities. Below you may find the founding team members' experience: Asus, bzone, Microsoft, Yahoo, hTC, BitoEX, OPay, Pay2go、ACTi、HCL, ERGON IRIS... AND YOU !
No matter who you are, you are welcomed to join us and help us as long as you are passionate on creating the world’s most popular payments platform.


Every income stream and expense will be open and transparent to all of our members. SPC members will be able to discuss and make organized decisions such as: arranging the ICO’s bonuses, set up associations, companies and IPOs in the future.
We believe that organized decisions follow a more decentralized path and avoid the damage done by a more centralized nature. Even if that group decision, turns out to be a wrong one, it will be easier and quicker to re-review and change our course into a better one through the power of cooperation. Educating people and helping them understand the nature of the issues will reduce dramatically the probability of future errors.

Operating cost

Development & Maintenance : 40%
Management & Finance : 25%
Marketing & Selling : 15%
Patent & Cooperation : 20%


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